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PurchLive is an easy to add application that brings powerful content creation and analytics tools to any eCommerce site. With just a few simple steps PurchLive can be deployed and ready in matter of weeks. All of the major integration hurdles have been addressed and streamlined with DemandWare's Script API, allowing PurchLive to offer its unique experience within 2 weeks of the decision to integrate. So get started now!

Pipit Interactive has introduced the world's first real-time, fully interactive marketplace engine: PurchLive™, designed to offer users the essential aspects of a truly collaborative shopping experience. Pipit has recognized the trends shaping e-commerce and has taken social e-commerce to an unprecedented level with a rich media environment that allows shoppers to visualize and share their ideas with friends and consultants — before, during and after they buy. This goes beyond mere social commerce, to create a truly interactive e-commerce experience for shoppers while creating a valuable new viral marketing channel for retailers.

PurchLive is a hosted application (SaaS) that combines an advanced user-generated content engine, social sharing framework, and analytics to form a powerful addition to any existing e-commerce site.  Shoppers create new product collections, and post comments, ratings and ideas to share with other shoppers at a retailer’s site — or with their friends via Facebook, email or IM.  By adding a new dimension to a retail e-commerce site, PurchLive leverages your existing investment in Demandware and creates a valuable new viral marketing channel.

• Real-Time User Presence & Identity
• Real-Time Activity Tracking
• Collaborative, Real-Time Product Collection Builder
• Share Product Collections to Facebook, Email, and IM
• Popularity and Suggestion Engine
• Real-Time Community Interaction
• Social Discovery
• Administration Portal & Analytics

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